Give your memories a home.

Introducing LyveHome, powered by Lyve, a new solution built to bring together photos and videos from all of your devices, into one, accessible and organized collection. LyveHome is an always-on, touch-screen device that houses millions of photos and videos, ensuring that all of your memories are protected. Lyve will be available on iOS, Android, OS X and Windows.

Your life, all together...

Lyve works best when it serves all of your devices. LyveHome is designed to get you started quickly. Plug it in, download the app on your devices, and your photos and videos are gathered into one library. Always up-to-date, protected, and accessible.

Safe and sorted.

Never worry about deleting a memory to make room for a new one. Take photos and videos freely, knowing they’re safely copied, sorted, and accessible anywhere.

So take more pictures with any device your heart desires. Lyve will grow with you.

Get the Lyve Solution and tame your insane photo and video collection.

Lyve rolls out in Spring 2014. Sign up to stay in the loop and be among the first to get Lyve.

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