Introducing LyveHome™

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  • Collect all of your memories

    Along with consolidating content from your devices, LyveHome is built with a USB port and an SD slot, so you can bring together memories scattered across various drives into your Lyve account.

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  • Private, secure and completely under your control

    Your photos and videos are moved and managed across your own personal devices, including your LyveHome, so you know they're always safe and protected.

  • Find what you’re looking for quickly and easily

    Easily find the memory you’re looking for, regardless of which device you’re using. Your photos and videos are automatically organized within the Lyve app.

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All of your memories, at your fingertips.

Your photos and videos are automatically made accessible across all of your Lyve-enabled devices. They're also copied to your LyveHome as they're captured, ensuring they're protected.

Never miss a moment.

Your first marathon, baby’s first steps, summer days at the park...captured, kept, and cherished for a lifetime. You focus on capturing and let Lyve focus on keeping your photos & videos safe, sorted and always accessible.

Hold on to those memories, big or small.

Life doesn’t stop just because your memory card is full. With Lyve, you’ve got plenty of space for all those times you want to remember.

Worth capturing, worth revisiting.

Gone are the days of losing track of that favorite photo on an old phone, computer, camera or drive. Once collected into Lyve, you can browse through years worth of memories.

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See how it easy it is to manage your memories with Lyve.


Easy to set-up and use.

  1. Power up

    Simply plug-in LyveHome and create an account.

  2. Get the app

    Download the Lyve app on all of your devices.

  3. Enjoy

    Keep on capturing, knowing your memories are together, safe, and sorted with Lyve.


Pre-order your LyveHome now!

Your personal photo & video manager. Lyve brings together the memories scattered across your mobile devices, automatically consolidating them into an easily accessible, organized view. Shipping late May 2014.

$299 Plus shipping & applicable taxPre-Order Now

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