Meet LyveHome

An always-on, touch-screen device that stores millions of photos and videos. New content is automatically copied to LyveHome as it's captured so your most important memories are protected.

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Height5.35" / 136mm
Width3.43" / 87mm
Depth3.43" / 87mm
Weight1.5lbs / 690g
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How it works

After installing the Lyve app across your smart phones, tablets, and computers, your entire collection is brought together in one view, regardless of where it was originally saved. As you take new photos and videos, they’re made available across all of your devices, as well as copied to the LyveHome.

Collect your personal photos and videos

Lyve automatically brings together personal photos and videos across platforms (iOS, Android, OSX, Windows). LyveHome is built with a USB port and SD slot, enabling you to consolidate content scattered across various drives into your Lyve account.

Sort all of your content quickly and easily

Lyve organizes photos and videos from your collection by date into one consistent and always-accessible view within the Lyve app. You can search easily to find the memories you’re looking for, regardless of which mobile device you’re using.

Protect all of your memories automatically

Lyve copies photos and videos from all of your devices onto the LyveHome, ensuring they’re protected should anything happen to the original. Lyve also shows the status of your devices and notifies you if any are unavailable or if you need more storage.

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